Yes, It’s OK To Be Offended 

This insightful piece just broke open a bunch of shit from my childhood. I’ve been needing to hear this for 28 years now. Enjoy.

Dances With Fat

What a Load of CrapThere are many ways that people who like to bully and oppress others try to justify their behavior. One of those is the notion of “political correctness” which can be easily debunked when we substitute the phrase “being politically correct” with what is actually being asked of them: “treating people with respect,” as seen in this example from Donald Trump.

Another way is to try to make it seem as if the people pointing out the inappropriate/bullying/oppressive behavior are actually the ones doing the bullying/oppressing.  This is something that fat-hate trolls try all the time with fat activists, and I saw a perfect example of this on the “era of wisdom” facebook page:

That is Offensive A brown box with the following quote next to an outline of a person with bars (ostensibly to symbolize a jail) in front of their face. “To be offended by what someone else says is your own choice, as…

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