You are the sky. Joy is the atmosphere. Everything else is just weather.

Danielle LaPorte on Roundhouse Radio’s Trying to Be Good talking about why she focuses on joy. (23:30) She describes it as not being the same as happiness, which is “sort of carbonated. Happiness moves, it’s the weather, it’s the clouds. But joy is the atmosphere.” I started floating a little bit when I heard this.

“Joy is so big that you can feel anything in the midst of it. You can feel joy and still feel rage.” And then she made me jump in my seat. “You can feel joy and feel grief.”

I was alarmed, jarred, startled by this statement while being flooded with hope that it might be true. I did a quick scan of her other assertions to discern the likelihood of the accuracy of this possibility. She says we can feel joy and still feel rage. Do I have any evidence to support/refute that claim? Cue a memory of the plate smashing exercise from last month. (Thanks, brain.) That was one of the most joy-rooted activities I’ve ever done. So, yes, I can say that joy and rage can simultaneous be true.

So, holy fuck, is it really possible that I can be rooted in joy and grieve at the same time? Joy is not going to be ripped away from me by my grief? That is news!

I just got a whole lot safer to put my cat to sleep when the day comes. And the dread in anticipation of that day and the future days of never being able to touch him again or hear him purr, the trembling dread is a little more still. Yes, I won’t have a Rufus to reward my sense of sight, touch, hearing, but I will still have joy.

Oh. Yes, please.


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